Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Legend by Marie Lu

Fast forward thousands of years and see what America has become. The Republic rules everything. When you turn 10, you take your Trial. Smarts, physical ability, and talent are required to pass the Trial. If you fail your trial, you are shipped off on a train, and then- you die.

Day had failed his trial miserably. Before he could be sentenced to die, he escaped the train and went into hiding. Now he is the most wanted criminal in the Republic. He is too sly and quick for anyone to catch him. But when he finds out his younger brother is infected with the Plague, he realizes the only way to save him is to steal some medicines, something not even he can afford. He breaks into a hospital and tries to escape with the medicines.

June is the only person to ever get a perfect score on her Trial. She goes to Drake, the finest college, at age 15, and is particularly good at climbing up buildings. When Day becomes the prime suspect for the murder of her brother, she is determined to hunt him down, and show no mercy. But will she avenge her brother’s death, or actually uncover a dark secret the Republic is hiding from her?

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