Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Son of Neptune

Book of the Week
The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
All Percy Jackson fans should be welcoming this clever tale by Riordan as he yet again tops off all the books he has beautifully written with this thrilling new tale. Percy Jackson, our favorite character, tangles his way into a prophecy and a dangerous new quest. He has awakened from a long sleep with no memory at all except for his name..... and Annabeth. Can he find her? This quest draws him close to her. As he finds his way to the Roman Camp Jupiter, he meets young demigods Hazel and Frank. Can he delay Gaea from overtaking the world and retrieve the golden eagle? Does the line, "The Son of Neptune shall drown?" come true?
Meet Hazel, a girl who is supposed to be dead. She has a terrible secret that is destroying the world. Hazel frequently has "blackouts" of her past. Can she defy Gaea and prove that she is a hero? Can she, a daughter of Pluto, finally earn Elysium, which she gave up once?
Meet Frank, a boy who has nothing good about him. He is shocked when he is asked to lead a quest. He has no powers, no talents, except for archery. His mother died in the war and he is new to the camp. Will he finally find a power inside him? Will he finally learn the meaning of self sacrifice?
Camp Half Blood has prevented Kronos from destroying the world once. But now Gaea is awakening, and giants are taking over. Death itself has been chained, and enemies are no longer dying. This might prove useful for some heroes, but some cannot come back. On top of Mother Earth, vengeful and evil, Percy cannot kill his enemies. Hera, or Juno, has been playing a dangerous game. Will Romans and Greeks unite to finally destroy what is awakening? Find out in the next chapter of Heroes of Olympus: Book Two.
Rating: Five Stars
Comments: Must have! I couldn't put it down!
Visit Rick Riordan's site to see the first chapter!

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