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Allegiant Predictions

 Allegiant Predictions
Here is my official book prediction for Allegiant, the third book in the Divergent series. It is my first book prediction ever and I hope that you guys love it. I worked really hard on it and know that even though the real book will be even more amazing I hope that these are some pretty good guesses as to what will happen.
Warning: This post does contain spoilers if you have not read Insurgent by Veronica Roth. Like, huge ones.
Please feel free to comment. I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe even your own list of predictions for Allegiant. All that I know is that as soon as Allegiant comes out, I will be waiting for it and reading it within a day.
Warning: This list is very very long, so make sure you have some time on your hands.
  1. They are definitely going to go outside the fence. If they go out of it at the first of the book, I predict that they will either find another and better civilization of people, or that Tris will meet another boy on the other side and Tobias will have to fight for her. (Just because the author will love to bug us/love triangles are popular/so there are complications in the relationship.) Enough with the romance, though! I definitely think that their next conundrum (love that word) will be the horrors that wait for them on the other side of the fence, and also the shocking secrets about their society.
  2.  There has to be a fight! I know most girls are like, I am a lover, not a fighter, but I am a fighter and a not-so-big of a lover. And plus, every series except for Twilight, of course, I hated the Breaking Dawn ending, has an EPIC fight at the end. I hope nobody that I really love dies or gets hurt, though. I do know that good always wins, but that doesn't mean that the journey to get there is always easy. Please let there be a long, descriptive fight and a lot of obstacles!
  3. I have this feeling in my gut that someone is going to betray everyone else, and I bet that it is actually going to be Susan. WHY SUSAN, WHY? Think about it.... she is the nice, beautiful girl that is Tris's friend. Why would she be a traitor? Mwhhahhaha that is the best part because I, my friend, am no ordinary girl. And so I am thinking outside of the box, and yes, crossing the line.  Susan is the perfect traitor. Nobody sane would suspect her, but she left for Amity in Insurgent and never came back. Plus, she is big time in love with Caleb.
  4.  Caleb. Boy do I have a lot of predictions about him. First of all, not expecting the huge bomb that he was a freaking traitor. I see a lot of 'em but  I did not see that one coming. I hate the rule of their society "Faction before blood." Families are the strongest bond of love there can ever be, especially with parents like Tris's where they loved her so much. I can not believe he betrayed his own sister that he used to love for some Erudite scum. Ugh. Okay, enough ranting about the past in Insurgent and more on the predictions. There are really only three main ways that he could go. The first one is he stays a evil traitor to his family. Tris must be heartbroken because we all know how much she loved her brother. He could be the nefarious villain in the finale to my favorite series. And if he is the villain, at least he is a smart one. I know that if he is the bad guy, that is going to be a tense quarrel between brother and sister. The second one, which would be my third choice out of the three to happen is that he redeems himself at the end by sacrificing himself for one great big cause. At least then he can be a good guy again and he helped save the world. The third option, my second favorite after the first option is that he was possessed that entire time by some evil Erudite injection but they find some way to cure it and he becomes good again. And yes, also ends up with Susan.
  5. I definitely think some things will be revealed about Tris's parents in Allegiant. Her mom has always been one of the most secretive and alluring characters in the Divergent trilogy. I definitely want to find out a whole bunch more about her. Why is she so interesting, you say? Well, for starters she was Dauntless before she transferred to Abnegation, of all places. That is definitely an interesting switch. From fearless and brave and strong to humble and selfless? That is a really big jump, and I think it is quite interesting that Tris went from Abnegation to Dauntless and her mom went from Dauntless to Abnegation. That just shows that Dauntless is in Tris's blood and bravery maybe is just an act of selflessness, like Tobias said. Also, she was a big part of the data that Tris found at the end of Insurgent, and a big part of whatever is on the outside of the fence. I don't think her father was a very big part of the book, or at least not as big as a part as Tris's mom, but we will have to see, I guess.
  6. Veronica Roth has always been good at dropping what I call the W-bombs.... whoa bombs. She actually surprises me and leaves major cliffhangers much more often than regular books. I think that in Allegiant, we are going to find out a lot of secrets about the characters and the society/world outside of them, although I have said that already. I really hope that we learn why those with Divergence are immune to the stimulations. I think it is because they cannot be brainwashed by society into one value of life, and therefore cannot be brainwashed into something created by society. So, basically, I think all the ties are going to come together and there will be a lot of W-bombs.
  7. I really hope that the ending will surprise me. Like The False Prince by Jennifer Neilson kind of surprise ending. So many books are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy to predict when it comes to the ending. So I hope that something happens in the end that makes me throw the book against the wall, pick it up again, and read the passage over and over again. I hope it is gut-wrenching and cruel of Roth and I hope that I will hate it at first, but most of all, I hope that I will never see it coming, You must think I'm crazy, but I hate books that I can guess the ending and be spot on.
  8. For all the girls out there reading this list, I know what you are saying, what the boys out there are begging me not to say. "Please, Sarah, please." Okay, okay, I will say it: There is definitely going to be some mushy gushy lovey dovey stuff. Like kissing, and romantic things that will be said etc. etc. I really hope I get a new romantic quote because the last one was from the Forgotten Locket that I read ages ago. It goes something like this:
    "I won't catch you if you fall because I won't need to. You were always meant to fly."
    Well anyway, anyone who hopes that this is not going to happen, all the kissing and hugging scenes, it is going to happen. This is partly a romance book and in a romance you don't just do nothing.
  9. I know there are going to be relationship problems between Tobias and Tris. There has to be. Tobias is not the romantic all the time guy like Edward Cullen. No. He is a bad boy who is learning to be fearless and loving a girl in the process. Everyone has been saying they hated Insurgent because there were so many romantic complications. My reply to that on Goodreads was:
    "I mean geez everyone I knows complains about the complications with the relationships and the character development. News flash: This is a book about real life, people.

    And yeah, it is a romance, but that's not the whole point of it. Part of it is a crumbling society trying to find bravery.

    As for the relationship complications, I loved them. It kept me hooked, and I always feel like romances in books nowdays  are too perfect. This one was great because in real life, you are never not going to fight with the one that you love. It was much more real, and they actually have LOVE, not some mushy teenage hormones."

    I really hope Veronica Roth keeps it that way but also gives us some romance that we want.
  10. I hope to see Tris overcome some of her fears..... and her depression over loosing her parents. I felt so sad for her when she lost them, and I really hope that Tobias will stop being a jerk about telling her to stop being so depressed. I mean, geez. Plus, she really should get over some of her fears and maybe Tobias will stop being afraid of loosing her and just love her instead. (In case y'all don't remember, his fear of his father was replaced by loosing Tris. I know that they can't become fearless, but I hope they will become brave.
Okay, so I was only going to do ten for this, but here is a special treat: A major plot twist. I can't write as beautifully as Roth does so bear with me.

I suck in my breath, my heart beating wildly in my chest. For a second I feel relaxed, and then a wave of major confusion hits me. Where am I? It looks like the room they took me to when I was sixteen to administer the tests. One more glance around confirms that it is that room, the very same one. What am I doing here? I am lying down on a bed, and no one else is around. "Christina?" I call. "Tobias?" No answer. What happened to me? I get off the bed and start for the door when someone opens it.


"Tori, what is going on? What happened to me?" I ask. She says nothing and shuts the door. "Tori?" I ask again.
"I'm sorry to inform you of this," she said, "but you have been in a simulation."
What she says does not make sense. I think back to the last thing I remember. It wasn't a simulation. "What?" I say, "When?"

She takes a deep breath.  "From the moment you stepped into this room to be tested. Going through the Dauntless initiation, going to the Erudite to sacrifice yourself, battling Jeanine Matthews, it was all a simulation."

At this I get up and slap her across the face. "Where is Tobias?" I hiss at her.

"Tobias isn't real, Tris," she says softly. "We knew that he was the only one from your faction to go to Dauntless, so we used his name in the simulation. He wasn't real."

I don't believe her. No simulation could last that long. I march out of the room and run down the hall. Tori follows me. "Tris, wait," she says.

"I don't believe you," I spit. "I'm going to find him, and prove you wrong."

"He's here," Tori says, grabbing my arm. "We've called him in, look."

She points across the room, and I see him, his familiar blue eyes glinting in the light. I run over to him as fast as I can.

"Tobias!" I throw my arms around him. "Tori tried to convince me that it was all a trick, that you were just a simulation, but I knew you weren't!" I kiss him, and he lets me, and when I break away he stares at me, breathless.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

He looks at me. "Who are you?" he asks back.

My world fades to black.


    and haha I loved this whole thing as a wholee!! :)


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