Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Books A-Z Update #1

Books A-Z

Books A-Z


Books A-Z is a 2013 Reading Challenge coming soon! Read these 26 books during the year to complete the challenge!

A- Allegiant

B- Beauty                           

C- Clockwork Angel            

D- Delirium                           

E- The Elite                           

F- Forsaken                          

G- The Guardian                 

H- House of Hades              

I- Icons                                 

J- Janitors Book Two           

K- Kissed                              

L- Lockdown                         

M- The Maze Runner          


O-    Origin                          

P-  Princess of the Silver Woods 


R- The Runaway King

S- Starters                                           


U- The Uprising                                  

V- Venom

W- A Walk to Remember



Z- Z for Zachariah                                                 


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