Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Maze Runner {Movie Review}

The Maze Runner

As A Movie: 7.3
If you go and see this movie without having read the book, it’s a pretty dang awesome movie. There is little character development, but the visuals and the set are amazing and the plot line itself is just cool. This movie never stops moving- there is always something exploding or people running away, or these creatures {The Grievers} coming to get everyone while things are exploding and people are running away. This a great action movie. If you are coming for a chic-flic STAY AWAY because this doesn’t even have hugging or hand holding. Got it? Sometimes Theresa’s British accent came out very obviously during certain scenes; she might need to work on her American-ness, but other than that I loved the character choices.

Like Dylan O’Brien, who acted EXACTLY like I thought Thomas would be like. He is prime, man. (Prime is how my best friend usually describes the visually attractive people.)

But can we talk about Newt because I just

From Book to Movie: 5


I had two main problems.

  1. They didn’t even do the MAP SCENE. Like, Thomas doesn’t even figure out the whole the-code-is-in-the-maps thing. I’m serious. They completely left that part out which just confuses me so much because I don’t get why you can leave that part out and I am so confused that I am writing run on sentences about it.

  1. They didn’t do the whole Thomas-and-Theresa-have-telepathy thing. Instead they did this weird thing with dreams.

ONE THING THAT WAS AMAZING THOUGH WAS THE VISUALS. SPOT ON. The Maze was EXACTLY how I pictured it, if not better. The Glade was great as well, although I don’t know where the stick houses came from…. I thought they had more civilized places to live. The Grievers were pretty dang awesome, even though I imagined them sort of differently… but everyone has different pictures in their head, I guess.

Oh well. Another thing (as forementioned) that was kind of weird is that at different points in the movie, Theresa suddenly had a British accent, and then it was back to an American one. If I caught it, you would think that the directors would catch it.

Overall, some minor problems, but overall I loved, loved, loved this movie. Awesome action scenes, gorgeous visuals (including the men) and mostly a great book to movie plot line. Go see it and have lots of fun!!

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  1. Amazing review!:)
    Oh well.. movies normally turn out so different from the novel.. but I've heard so many good reviews on this film!
    The Journeys' of my beating heart


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