Sunday, June 2, 2013

Making my TBR list even longer..............

And here comes another conversation with my inner self. Hold on to your seats and get ready for this. I will be, well, me, and my inter self will be IS.

Me: Hello, IS.
IS: Why do we keep posting these online? People will think you are crazy.
Me: Correction, people will think we're crazy.
IS: Fine. Anyway, what is this all about?
Me: Pfft, shows how brilliant you are. Don't you know, already? We have the same thoughts.
IS: You know, any time you make fun of me you are just hurting yourself.
Me: Why is that?
IS: Because I am YOU, idiot.
Me: You basically called yourself an idiot.
IS: Oh, gosh- let's just get on with it. What's this all about? And no snide comments.
Me: And they call me the idiot. Anyway, this post is about books you MUST know about, that I have not read yet, and they, sadly, are not on my Summer Reading List.
IS: And-
Me: And here they are!
IS: There are three of-
Me: There are three of them!

Monument 14 (Monument 14 #1)


The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1)

Me: Well, that's all, folks!
IS: Great, now we are on the Looney Toon show.
Me: Figures, since you're here.
IS: Wow, that was-
Me: Wonderful? All rightey we better end this post bef-
IS: You are asking for it, you little-
Me: See you NEXT time! Ow! Oi!

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