Sunday, June 29, 2014

REVIEW: The Testing

The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau 
Loved the action-less love for the actual love

Although The Testing was almost an exact copy of the idea of The Hunger Games, the story itself was weaved expertly- with pulse pounding action, government secrets, and the clock ticking down until the final moment. It would have been your perfect story, if not for the romance.

I found the main character's love (Tomas and Cia) a little too unbelievable. Tomas has happened to be in love with her all all the years that they'd grown up, including stolen glances across the classroom, a dance or two, etc. Even though Tomas is apparently one of those easy on the eyes, perfect, sought after boys. And just miraculously, after their colony has not had a student chosen for The Testing for years, both of them were chosen, and also happened to be in the same group. 

Sounds a little too perfect to me. 

Also, I hated how little the government was explained. Why did they even have The Testing? If there were so many rebels against it, how were they still getting away with it? Why would so many parents willing hand their children over to do something they know nothing about? These questions, as well as about a million more, swirled around in my brain. 

I'm making this book sound horrible, and it's not. It was a pretty enjoyable read. I just thought I would get the negatives over with. 

This book is about a girl named Cia, who lives in a world that has been destroyed and is seeking to become how it used to be again {Again, very little explanations on what happened}. The government chooses students from each colony to come compete in The Testing, a series of mental and physical tests that determine the best candidates for future leaders. It is considered an honor to be chosen for The Testing, and Cia is thrilled when she is chosen. 

But a few spilled secrets from her father makes her rethink her feelings. The Testing might not be everything it is made out to be. Soon, Cia finds herself in great danger, from the world outside to her fellow candidates. She must use every skill and instinct she has in order to survive. 

Great for action lovers!!!


  1. I don't actually think the Testing was like the Hunger Games at all. These kids were chosen by their intelligence to eventually (with sinister intentions) fix the environmental problems. While in the Hunger Games, the kids were chosen as a form of punishment and entertainment. The only thing I found that they had in common was that they were both fantastic dystopian novels. Just my opinion =D

    1. Yes, you're right. The factor that they did have in common, however, was sending teens into an arena/wasteland where they tried to kill each other. You do bring up a good point- please don't think I'm not agreeing with you :-D I just wanted to explain the reason behind that statement. :-) They are both great books!


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