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Movie Review: The Fault in Our Stars

Movie Review: The Fault in Our Stars

TFIOS Movie Poster! Beautiful.
    This could possibly be one of the best book-to film adaptations that I’ve ever seen. Sure, they left out some stuff {i.e. Hazel’s friend, Kaitlyn, Augustus's ex girlfriend} but really, they aren’t going to include EVERYTHING and make it absolutely perfect, so for the most part, they followed the book really well. The movie was enchanting, and seeing Augustus {Elgort} and Hazel {Woodley} on the big screen made me fall in love with the story all over again. They had some BEAUTIFUL speeches and quotes that were not in the book, and although it may have frustrated some fans, I was very glad that they changed the script a little bit.  

    Actors Who Played The Part Really Well:

    I have to say, the two people who played their part the very best were definitely Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. First of all, I absolutely loved Shai as Tris. She is an amazing actress and the way she slips into her character like it’s just easy, like she is  that character never ceases to amaze me. She played Hazel so well. I think her acting was a big part in the emotional influence that this movie has on the audience. She knows how to cry without making it incredibly cheesy. I really felt what she was feeling. I was connected with her character.
Adorable TFIOS movie still
    I have to say, I was a little nervous when I heard that Ansel Elgort was going to play Augustus. I mean, come on, girls, he is attractive. However, I did not like him as Caleb in Divergent. I thought he was a little stiff and not really in to the character. But as Augustus- it was like he was born just to play that character. I’m really glad that they chose him. My EMOTIONS GAH. He was so funny and attractive and lovable and everything we wanted Augustus to be. And, {Theo James fans, don’t hate me} he definitely played the whole romance thing with Shai a LOT better than Theo did. Theo may be hot and play the whole Four character really well, but I thought the whole romance part with him and Shai was really kind of cheesy. With Ansel, however, I really thought he was in love with Shai. It felt so real and amazing and I loved it.

    The Scene That I Love:

    Oh, so many to choose from. I did love Amsterdam and I loved how they did his fake funeral. I also loved the scene when Hazel talks to her mom about how she wants her to have a life after she’s gone. But my favorite scene was one that was not included in the book. Augustus and Hazel go on a picnic after he has to be in a wheelchair, and Hazel gives a very beautiful speech. It was all very romantic, heart breaking, and just…. cute.


    I’m kind of known for not crying in movies. Sure, I’ve cried in a few number of books over character deaths, but never once had I ever cried during a movie until I saw the Amazing Spider Man 2 a few weeks ago. And even that was just a few tears. In this movie, I BAWLED MY EYES OUT IN FOUR DIFFERENT SCENES. I’m serious. I could not stop crying! UGH. My friend came prepared with tissues, and so after she could hear my heart breaking next to her, so she passed over the tissues without a word. I must have used at least ten. After a while, she needed them back because she was crying, but we won’t judge her for that.

Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster.♡    Do you know why I love going to movies so often and reading books? Fictional characters are like friends. I fall in love with them, I love others, and others I just want to be best friends with. We like reading because it makes us feel. And nothing is more important than feeling. Feeling love, jealousy, grief, happiness, and pain are the best parts of life. And when we feel something, when we read stories and experience them, it changes us. Yeah, they might be fictional, but I’ve learned that we can learn and grow from stories, no matter how fictional they may be.

In Conclusion

    This movie was beautiful. It really was. I loved it. I was transfixed the moment Hazel Grace came on the screen. Bring your tissues and get ready to cry and ready to feel. This love story is going to make you want, more than ever, a boy that will love you like Augustus Waters loved Hazel Grace.

Go see the movie. The world may not be a wish granting factory, but sometimes it does give us something beautiful.


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