Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Uprising

Book Title: The Uprising
Author: Lisa M. Strasse
Number of Pages: 400
Genres: YA fiction, Dystopian, Romance
Books like it: Legend by Marie Lu, Starters by Lissa Price
My favorite quote:
“Maybe I need to find a new myth
to get me through each day.”

Brief Synopsis from Goodreads:
In this dystopian sequel to The Forsaken, Alenna has survived the brutality of life on the wheel—and now she’s going back for more.
Alenna escaped. It was expected that she would die on the wheel, the island where would-be criminals are sent as directed by the UNA—the totalitarian supercountry that was once the United States, Mexico, and Canada. But Alenna and her boyfriend, Liam, made it to safety. Except safety, they will soon learn, is relative.

In order to bring down the UNA, they must first gain control of the wheel. If the mission succeeds, the wheel will become a base of revolution. But between betrayals, a new Monk leading a more organized army of Drones, and the discovery of a previously unknown contingent, Alenna, Liam, and their allies might be in over their heads. One thing Alenna knows for sure: There will be a reckoning. And not everyone she loves will make it out alive.

My Summary:
Reading this book was like watching Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie. Disappointing and definitely not living up to its full potential.

I better start off with some positive things, because this isn't going to be the nicest review. Strasse still has her way with words and she describes every detail very vividly. I only wish the picture she painted had been more interesting.
I loved Forsaken, and therefore I was expecting a sequel that was just as good with an intense fight with the UNA, butt kicking and some awesome action packed scenes. What I was not expecting was a hot Twilight-worthy romance and a lot of boy obsessing. A lot. Alenna has turned from a fighting machine into a romantic goey mess. Her head is so caught up in fantasizing about Liam that she is not focusing on the dilemmas at hand. Her friends are back at the wheel, and there are hundreds of kids that need to be unfrozen.

But now is not the time for romance. 
You think, honey? 
Alenna actually says that in the book. She is in the middle of a fight with the drones and the new Monk, whose identity was definitely not a surprise to me, and I would think cunning Alenna could have figured it out. Anyway, she is in the middle of this fight and she kisses Liam. In fact, she is so distracted she actually stops to say I love you and stare into his eyes. Why don't you just have a tea party right then and there and all the drones that want to kill you will stop and wait.

The start of this book was so boring. I almost couldn't push through it, and the only reason I did was because I loved Forsaken. It had some "action scenes" but most of them were not even a page long and did not even spark my interest.
The action finally picks up near the end, and soon the book has ended.

This was probably the worst sequel I have ever read. Alenna totally switched her personality and Liam was the worst romantic character ever. 
The end of the book kind of freaked me out. It was sort of disturbingly strange, and I didn't expect it. It was one of the interesting parts, though. 
Anyway, I totally recommend Forsaken, but definitely not this book. If you are a person who likes romance and not action packed books, you might like this book. I just thought some parts were very unrealistic and quite boring.

Pros: Pretty awesome cover.
Cons: Read the summary. Says it all.
Cautions for Parents: Mild swearing, h***s and d***s and OMGs.
Review: 1 star
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