Friday, September 13, 2013

Fantabulous Friday Book Review

This Fantabulous Friday Book Review is by one of my bestest, most terrifical friends ever, Makayla. She gave me two, and I couldn't decide which one to do, so this is a combined book review of Old Yeller and Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction. Makayla is probably the biggest One Direction fan that I know. So, I will stop this blabbering and post her reviews.

Dare to Dream by One Direction
This book is FANTASTIC!!!! But only if you are a Directioner or you love learning about nonfictional, dramatic, life changing boy band books. This book is hilarious and will make you appreciate One Direction a lot more if you read it. I could not put it down! I find it so interesting how a teenage boy can have that dramatic of a life change just by being an amazing singer (and good looking). If you're a Directioner you don't even have to read this review to know that you HAVE to read this book. If you're not really sure if you like One Direction or who they are, just read the book and I can almost guarantee that you will become a Directioner after you read this book.
(BTW...... Harry is MINE ;) )
Old Yeller by Fred Gibson
This is an old time favorite! It's actually one of my favorite books. It starts out with a fourteen year old boy named Travis. His dad is leaving on a cattle drive but doesn't think that Travis is old enough to go with him. His dad puts him in charge and tells him he'll get Travis a horse if he is good and watches their house. So days go by and Travis keeps seeing this old yellow lab come on to their property. Travis's family falls in love with it, but Travis thinks the dog is a waste of time. Later on things get pretty busy at their house and Old Yeller (the lab) is there to help. Travis decides that Old Yeller isn't so bad after all. Time goes on and they go through some really intense stuff. The ending is a REAL shocker but it is AMAZING.  You will love this book if you like old, intense, and sweet animal books. Even if you don't like those things, you should still give this book a try 'cause I fell in love with it, and hopefully, you will too!

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