Thursday, September 12, 2013

September Newsletter: Divergent World

With Allegiant coming up in one month, I decided to devote this ENTIRE Newsletter to the Divergent movie and Allegiant. Stay tuned for insiders from the movie, Allegiant teasers, and more!


News from Author:
In case you haven’t heard already, I confirmed on Thursday that Allegiant will be written from two POVs (points of view), Tris and Four’s. This is obviously a departure from how I chose to write the first two books, which has a lot of people excited (yay!) and some concerned, so I thought I would say a little more about it here.
So: why two POVs? Well, I tried repeatedly to write Allegiant in just Tris’s voice, but it didn’t work; her perspective, her way of seeing things, was a little too limited for the story I needed to tell. I wanted to do two things with it: A. let two characters experience different things, and B. let them react differently to the same things, so that I (and eventually, the reader) would get a better sense of the whole story, the whole picture.
I’ve said before that I’ve always seen Four (increasingly, as the series goes on) as a plot-mover alongside Tris, so he was the obvious choice for the second POV (though not the only one I tried). Exploring him and his choices and his assumptions about the world was incredibly interesting to me.
It was a big challenge, it took me a really long time, and I did my very best with it. I feel confident about the way it turned out, and I hope you enjoy it! On October 22nd! AHH!

Read more:
I Love Divergent Day
I love Divergent Day will be one month from the Allegiant release, September 22nd. Here was the info I posted on Goodreads:
Hello to everyone in the Goodreads world!
My name is Sarah, and I am the blogger at Enchanted By Books. I love Divergent so much that I am making September 22, a month before Allegiant is released, I Love Divergent Day. On this day I will post anyone’s feelings about the whole series. Email me at and I will post your thoughts. I will include your first name before I write your thoughts. It is open to anyone as long as you DO NOT SWEAR and are completely appropriate.
Here are some ideas on what to include:
- Favorite moments in Divergent or Insurgent. It doesn’t matter how long the scene is.
- Allegiant predictions
- Fanfiction of Allegiant
- What you want to happen in Allegiant
- Your favorite character
- Any Divergent related things

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