Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Last Five Years [Movie Review]

The Last Five Years

The only bearable part of this movie was the soundtrack, especially the Schmuel song. (Note: He is not saying, “You get to be hippie.” Even though I think those are obviously way better lyrics, he is simply saying “You get to be happy.”) The songs, for the most part, were upbeat and easy going. Jamie, Cathy’s husband, has a voice that will give your arms goosebumps. I thought their voices went perfectly together. The only other positive that I can think of are Jamie’s dimples.

This movie was SUPER SUPER disappointing. I was so pumped for it, especially because ANNA KENDRICK is the main character, Cathy. The trailer made it look super adorable and fun.

Cons, cons, cons.
  1. The storyline. They should have done a better job of explaining why the heck the storyline kept jumping around in different points in time. Only after I read the brief summary online did I understand- the events don’t happen in order, both Cathy and Jamie are simply reminiscing the last five years of their relationship.
  2. Character development. Basically all I got from their characters was the fact that Jamie was an author and a jerk, and Cathy was a dreamer and an actress. They skipped around so much that we didn’t get to see Cathy develop on screen. And I swear Jamie has a multiple personality disorder. For half of the movie, he was a hopeless and cheesy romantic. For the other half, he was a self-absorbed, stuck up jerk, And a complete pervert.
  3. Jamie. What a jerk! I am telling you right now, if you want a happy ending, don’t go watch this movie. The entire romance builds up and then Jamie goes and ruins it by being a complete jerk. He does NOT deserve Cathy.

In the beginning, Cathy and Jamie are head over heels in love with one another. Everything seems to click. Soon after their marriage however, Jamie’s novel is bought by Random House, and his career shoots off. Within no time, he is whisked off to parties and events as Cathy stands quietly in the background, watching other girls drool over him- suffering through the pain of rejection and feelings of importance.
    Meanwhile, Cathy’s career as an actress is at a standstill. The movie shows her going through several auditions, including a comical encounter where she sings all of the thoughts going through her head. None of these auditions get her a role, and as her husband is away in his dazzling fame, she feels the distance between them grow further and further apart. At the end, Jamie’s selfishness shows that his hunger for fame overpowers whatever feelings he had for Cathy earlier on. In “If I Didn’t Believe In You”, he sings, “I will not fail so you can be comfortable, Cathy. I will not lose because you cannot win.”
    Overall, if you want to spend any money on this movie, buy the soundtrack, not a movie ticket. The songs are a lot better than the storyline itself.


  1. This is so disappointing! I was really looking forward to seeing this! <3 Bee @ Bee Reads Books

  2. OUCH!! I was some what excited (but mostly nervous) for this movie. I loved the Broadway musical and from what you said it plays along really well with the musical. I absolutely LOVE Jeremy Jordan (the guy who plays Jamie) he is a well known broadway star and yes he does have an amazing voice.
    In the musical the story is told from different perspectives. Cathy starts at the end of their relationship and Jamie from the beginning. I wasn't sure how this was going to go to screen but I don't think that this was appropriate for a movie. The Last Five Years has never been a love story and every time I think of the musical I cry. Oh well I guess I'll just wait until its on cable


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