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Translation: I am really excited!!!! This will be pretty short because there really isn't that much to say... um.. you guys are seriously the best readers ever- I love getting all your comments and questions and receiving emails from you once in a while. You're the reason I get on here all the time and try my best to recommend things that I hope you will enjoy. Thanks so much for being here to read all of my fangirling or blubbering or angry shouting. 

In short, I love you guys. 

So, here are some quick stats, goals, and if you stay all the way through, a special announcement. 

This Year

-Over 45,000 page views (Double what I had last year, way to go!!)
- 31 Bloglovin' Followers
-62 Followers via GFC
-8 Movie Reviews
-2 Album Reviews
-5 Author Interviews
-Over 115 Book Reviews
-126 Total Comments

Most Popular Book Review: The Clockwork Prince (565 Page Views)
Most Popular Post: The One Fanfiction (2527 Page Views) 

Goals for Next Year

I am super excited for THIS YEAR!! Here are some of my goals! (Based on what is above)

-Over 100,000 page views (WE  CAN DO IT)
-40 Bloglovin' Followers
- 80 Followers via GFC
-20 Movie Reviews
- 10 Album Reviews
- 10 Author Interviews
- Over 150 Book Reviews
-200 Total Comments

The Biggest Announcement of All

You guys may have noticed up there that the most page views I have ever received is from my The One Fanfiction. I have received plenty of emails begging me to continue by closing it off with a Part Three. So, in celebration of TODAY, I am happy to tell you that THIS. IS. HAPPENING.

That is not all.

No, darlings. What I am about to tell you might make you freak out.
Just kidding. It won't. But I am excited. 

I am also posting a Fanfiction for "The Heir" by Kiera Cass.


You read that right- mean, selfish, Sarah who refuses to ever post any more fan fictions as of a year ago, is going to be posting TWO.

Here are the dates. 

April 17th- Part Three of The One Fanfiction
April 23rd- The Heir Fanfiction

I love you guys!!

Did this sound snobby and self-centered? Dear heavens, I hope not. Comment below if you thought it did so I can fix it.


Here's to another three years!!

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