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So you may have heard about the little contest that Penguin was holding a few months ago that bloggers could enter for a chance to win a short little interview with JOHN GREEN.
So I entered, and one day I get this email

I was kind of freaking out… just…. there are no words to describe the feeling. The feeling that I am still having. I can’t articulate. No words.
Anyway, I was only allowed three questions because he is KIND OF A BIG DEAL, GUYS. Here they are.

First thing is first, please don’t pull a Peter Van Houten on us.. there HAS to be a story after The Fault In Our Stars. Can you please just tell us if Hazel finds a happy ending? Issac? His parents?
I’ve been asked this sort of question quite frequently throughout my career, and you can find the in depth answer here:

In short, I don’t know. I only have access to as much of the story as you do. I believe that readers can take the book and find their own imaginative endings. Maybe Isaac gets those robotic eyes and ends up causing world domination because they contain some sort of awesome, freakishly weird super powers. Really, it’s up to you. My publishing company has announced a new extremely short story from Isaac’s point of view in the duration of TFIOS, although we have kept it kind of quiet. It will be released in the spring of 2016 and is entitled Through My Eyes. [I came up with the title myself, that’s just the kind of wickedly cruel humor I possess. Bow down to me, you weak and unwitty nerds.]

In The Fault In Our Stars, Hazel is convinced that there will be many who will die without achieving greatness, that oblivion is inevitable, and that she is going to die anyway and one day whatever memory she leaves won’t matter. Is there some sort of symbolism in that, or does her view upon this change throughout the book?

You know, I think the best thing about Hazel’s perspective is that it is shockingly real. Doesn’t everyone want to think like Augustus, to believe that throughout the duration of our lives we will become these honored heroes with some sort of prodigious legacy to leave behind us? [I know I do, because imagine how stunningly beautiful the paintings of me will be- people will worship them for eons to come.] However, that isn’t the case. The truth is, some of us will only be remembered in the hearts of those close to us, and I think the point Hazel is trying to make is that we only need to be important to those important to us- if we can accomplish that, we can all become our own heroes.

Are you excited for the Paper Towns movie coming out? Have you seen any of it so far, and is it any good?

Actually, I have seen the movie. [I even have a cameo in it, and it was so good they told me they might kick Nat out and replace me as Q instead. I could win an Oscar.] I think the director, Jake Schreier, did a pretty amazing job, as well as the cast. I’m happy with the outcome and I hope the fans are too.

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS, GUYS! Please don’t hate me too much, I love you all! Share this link with your TFIOS and Paper Towns friends to freak them out.


  1. Good one! I totally guessed it though ;)

    Emily @

  2. I didn't get it until the end omg that was so good. I was gonna comment a long comment with like omg me fangirling and telling you how lucky you were and that god I read the end before I embarrassed myself. You're mad creative :P

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  3. OMGSH! You tricked me!! HAHAHA!! What an awesome April Fool's joke! Very clever! I wish I had done something similar on my blog! Next year!!

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog


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