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18705209At the start of this book, I listed in my brain my favorite characters (of the seven) from least favorite to most favorite.

It went as follows: Annabeth, Percy, Leo, Jason, Hazel, Frank, and Piper.
However, at the end of the book, I would rearrange that order to: Percy, Leo, Piper, Annabeth, Jason, Frank and Hazel.

The biggest change is, quite obviously Piper. So, here is a breakdown of what to expect from the seven main characters (with no spoilers) as well as Nico and Reyna.

Nico: I'm putting him first because, after an ENTIRE SERIES and almost another ENTIRE SERIES has passed by, Nico finally gets plenty of chapters from his point of view. For some reason, Nico has always been one of my favorite characters- I always vote for the mysterious, misunderstood underdog. You finally get some insight into how Nico actually feels and views the world, and why he pushes everyone out. He has some extremely heroic moments, and he becomes the character like your little, wicked awesome brother. He's so cool, yet lots of parts in the book I just wanted to give him a hug. AND HE RAISES THE DEAD GUYS LIKE IS THAT NOT ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU READ THE BOOK OR WHAT.

Percy: Although we did not get any POV from him, he does have some heroic moments himself. Mostly, though, he is just there because you want some Percabeth moments (which you will get, guys. Especially on *cough* page 394 *cough*.

Annabeth: Annabeth befriends Piper throughout this book, and you do get a scene where they go on a mini adventure together. Other than that, I think she was just there for the same reason as Percy. She definitely isn't in it as much of the others.

Frank: There is basically not much in this book about Frank, other than the occasional "Frank turned into a wild boar" or "Frank turned into a dragon" or "Frank turned into a fluffy pink unicorn with rainbow wings." Okay, you got me on that last one. But that would've been so. cool.

Hazel: She does the occasional awesome stuff with her mist and the "I can raise treasure from the earth and stuff," and she has a important role in one of my favorite scenes with the goddess, Nike. But if you wanted some Hank moments, I think you will be disappointed. (Okay, that is totally not the ship name for Hazel and Frank, but it was either that or Frazel.)

(except Nico- he's so importantly awesome that I had to put him at the beginning)

Reyna: At first I wasn't to ecstatic to learn that Reyna was one of the only five characters getting a POV, but trust me, all my doubts were washed away. Because she is freaking. awesome. Be prepared for a real ride of awesome butt-kicking and Hulk-smashing from her. It's amazing. She is in almost every single one of the fight scenes, and when stupid Octavian takes over her position she is just like "I AM STILL THE PRAETOR OF ROME. BOW DOWN TO MY AWESOMENESS." We get to see into her semi-emotionally scarred past- I feel like her and Nico both have this connection about pain and sacrifice and stuff. There is one particularly feeling scene with her and her sister, Hylla, who is also the leader of The Amazon. As in the awesome warrior tribe, the Amazon, not the site where you can go to buy books. (On a completely unrelated note, you can buy this book for eleven dollars there). To conclude this long paragraph, Reyna is a really awesome character and I'm really glad she got her own POV.

Jason: I'm still not sure how I feel about Jason, although I do think Piper is so cute with him. (What is their ship name? Pison? Japer? Jiper?) He did some heroic things and had some awesome buttkicking scenes, but, maybe because his background is still somewhat unclear to me or maybe I just don't like him, I was getting tired of his POV and honestly just wanted to skip it and have some Leo humor or Nico raising the dead and stuff.

Speaking of Leo.........

Leo: For all of you who totally ship Cleo, (WHICH IS THE BEST SHIP NAME ON HERE SO FAR) you will be happy. Also, there is a lot of sarcastic, witty comments (obviously) which should make a lot of you happy. Some heroic moments, lots of character development, and TONS of sarcasm. (Wait, I said that already.) HE'S JUST THE BEST CHARACTER OKAY.

Piper: She really surprised me.... her character completely changed from what I viewed as a particularly weak one to one that kind of grew on me. She was in a lot of action scenes with Annabeth, and in the end, she had a lot of heroic moments. She wasn't going gaga over Jason or whining about why she wasn't a good daughter of Aphrodite. She was like, I WILL BE AWESOME AND SAVE THE DAY. And she did. A lot.

So, that's it. Just a character breakdown. All you really need to know about this book is that it is action packed and FREAKING AWESOME.  It is indeed really sad to see the series end, but I felt like it ended how I needed it to. 

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