Monday, July 28, 2014

Review: On the Fence

On the Fence by Kasie West

I finally, finally got this book from Amazon! It was supposed to ship in two days but it took eight.  I was basically checking my doorstep for a box every two minutes.

This book, not unlike The Distance Between Us, was super adorable. However, if I had to choose between On the Fence and The Distance Between Us, I would have to choose the later because there were more “aw, so cute moments.” However, we do get plenty of “aw, so cute moments” in On The Fence.

18298225 The main character of this book is named Charlie, and she is everything that a typical teenage girl is not. Her mother passed away in a car accident, so her whole life has been spent with her dad, her brothers, and her next door neighbor, Braden. She has quite the lack of femininity in her life. She loves playing sports, from disc golf to basketball to football. She considers herself the queen of all tomboys.

Then, after one too many parking tickets, her dad tells her it is time to get a job. The job she lands is quite the opposite of her personality.She is thrown into the world of fashion, makeup, and modeling.

And to her surprise, she kind of likes it.

She’s confused about who she is and who she wants to be. The only thing she is sure and stable about in her life is her late night fence chats with Braden. And as the chats become a regular habit, she realizes she has fallen for Braden. Hard.

But the only thing he sees her as is his sister.

Can Charlie figure out who she is? Is she the tom boy that plays football with her brothers? Or is she a girl, deep down, that wants to wear makeup and sparkly shirts?

Or can she be both?

“Hey guys,' I said. 'Don't be idiots. This is Evan. Evan, the angry-looking one is Jerom, the constipated-looking one is Nathan, and the goofball on the right is Gage.'
Gage laughed. 'Constipated, Nathan? We said to look fierce.”

This was an adorable story about family, friendship, and love. Charlie’s brothers were awesome. Family is definitely one of the main themes of this story, which I love. Nowdays the importance of family in our lives has faded. This story shows us that our family can become our closest friends.

And OMG I totally ship Braden and Charlie. Their ship name is Bradlie. Yes. Don’t question my weird ship names. Just go along with it :-).

Braden was one of those guys that you can’t help falling in love with. He’s funny, sweet, overprotective, concerned, and {occasionally} adorably awkward. Every time he and Charlie had their Fence Chats, I did a mental

And the end of the book is so. Cute. It was everything I could have asked for and more.

I hope you guys will take my word for it and pick up On The Fence. It is a perfect summer read and you will not be disappointed.

Sorry that this review is so short and sweet. I’m really trying to post more! <3 span="">

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