Friday, April 4, 2014

My First Blogaversary!!!

    I apologize; I was locked out of my Blogger account and that is why this post is so late. :) Oh, you guys, I am SO EXCITED. This is this blog's very first Blogaversary. Thank you all for keeping this blog alive by coming to read my reviews and nerdy ramblings. It is all my followers who keep me doing this blog. I really appreciate all the support. Now, here are some fun stats about last year and also what you should expect to see this year.

  Last Year:
* 3 movie reviews
*100+ book reviews
*39 new followers *THANK YOU*
*240 posts
*4 author appearances and interviews
*over 21,000 page views

Goals for next year:
*Reach 75 followers
*Hit 100,000 page views
*200 more posts
*100 new book reviews
*10 new movie reviews

What you can expect to see THIS year:
This year will be a lot of fun. Our author tour is coming up in May, so get that on your calendar because we have some SUPER cool authors lined up. Also, I'm planning on posting a lot more book reviews. :)

Thank you for participating in my one year Blogaversary, you guys are awesome!  

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