Saturday, February 1, 2014


So guys, I did it. I finally got a NetGalley account. And guess what. I have some lovely ARC reviews to share with you this week!!!!!! One of the ARCs I loved so MUCH and the other one was kind of eh. But still, a huge thank you to both of those publishers (more on that later.)

I also joined the BOM.COM (not really, it is something I say when something is really awesome. WATTPAD, people. WATTPAD!!! More news about that, and the stories I will be posting on Wattpad is to come soon. Also, I got an Instagram account for this blog so you can see what I am reading and get quick access to my fangirling and reviews. Please follow me on Instagram @ enchanted_byabook

Thank you so much!!!

Anywho, on with upcoming reviews. The ARC ones are written in BOLD letters.

Upcoming Reviews:
These Broken Stars by Megan Spooner and Aimee Kaufman
The Shadow Throne by Jennifer Nielsen
My Life With the Walter Boys by Ali Novak

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