Friday, January 3, 2014

Author Tour Delay.... WHY?

I am sure that lots of you have noticed that my promised January 2014 Author Tour has not happened yet. Here is the bad news. If you don't like Bad News first, skip it and go to the good news, and then you can scroll back up and read the bad news.

I will not be having the author tour until March or April. Why? Some of the authors I was really excited about can't participate quite yet, considering how busy busy busy they all are writing books for us. Plus, I am currently participating in A HUGE project that will not be finished until March 28th.
I will have more authors than what is on the current list involved in the tour. That means more days of book reviews and interviews for you, so happy day! Also, the posts will be much longer than planned.
Sorry about the delay! Please don't hate me. I promise that I LOVE YOU ALL and do not mean to cause you any stress or depression. Please forgive me!
Love you all!
I am so sorry for the 

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