Monday, December 9, 2013

Cress: Chapters 1-5 Mini Review

Mini Review: A sneak peek at Cress: Chapters 1-5

*This book is FREE on Kindle!!!

For all of you who have read Marissa Meyer’s amazing books, Cinder and Scarlet, you can probably barely wait for Cress, which is to be released in February 2014.

Guess what? The first five chapters are NOW available. FOR FREE!!!!! AHH!

Naturally, I read these chapters within 15 minutes, because they are relatively short. However, they made me very excited for Cress.

FYI: She has a crush on Thorne. Like a huge one. Cress has been trapped in a satellite for seven years. She’s been watching him from afar, falling in love with his smile and his “bad” actions, that have more than meets the eye.  She’s kind of like a creepy stalker damsel in distress.

My favorite chapter was CHAPTER THREE! Mostly because Scarlet and Wolf are my favorite non-official couple.

Before I give you the sneak peek, let me just tell you that this is definitely worth reading if you are excited for Cress.

“It's all right," said Wolf. "You loved her. I would have felt the same if someone wanted to erase Scarlet's identity and give it to Levana's army.

Scarlet stiffened, feeling heat rushing into her cheeks. He certainly wasn't insinuating....

"Aaaaw," squealed Iko. "Did Wolf just say he loves Scarlet? That's so cute!"

Scarlet cringed. "He did not-that wasn't-" She balled her fists against her sides. "Can we get back to these soldiers that are being rounded up, please?"

"Is she blushing? She sounds like she's blushing."

"She's blushing," Thorne confirmed, shuffling the cards. "Actually, Wolf is looking a little flustered.”   

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