Friday, November 8, 2013

My Bookish Habits (#1)

My Bookish Habits (#1)
I decided I would try this, on top of Friend Review Fridays and Comment War Mondays that I have forgotten to do in the last few weeks. This is more of a personal post, and I'm just going to quickly tell one of my book habits. My biggest book habit is probably this: I'm a quote geek. Most of you know this, but I don't just mean that I like quotes. I'm obsessed with finding perfect, unique quotes in books. I love interesting quotes, funny quotes, inspiring quotes, and romantic quotes (sometimes.) Every time I open a new book, I get my cute sticky notes and put them next to me, and when I find a quote, I jot it down and put it in my quote book. Yes, I have a quote book. Well, now you know one of my bookish habits!! :)

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