Saturday, October 19, 2013

First Review of Allegiant

Okay, yes, I know I have not posted in a LONG LONG LONG time. I apologize for that- but I'm pretty sure all you Divergent lovers will forgive me because I have some great news-
Sadly, I did not write this. I am not that awesome. Veronica Roth stated there would be no ARCs of Allegiant because she wanted all of her fans to experience it together. And despite the fact that there was an Allegiant Leak a few weeks ago, she has tried to keep true to her word. However, EW posted the first ever review a few days ago- and it is shocking. I was hoping something like this wouldn't happen.
Word of advice- don't cry after reading this. It makes your eyes red and blotchy.
Minor spoilers, a new quote, and other stuff. This makes me less excited to read Allegiant and more nervous. If you can wait until Tuesday, don't read this. If you HAVE TO KNOW, then go right ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you, because, well, I did.

In case you can't read the pic above:

"Veronica Roth is no George R.R. Martin — but in the final installment of her Divergent trilogy, she shows a similar merciless streak. Barely six chapters in, Roth brutally offs a character who's been around since the first book. The message: In this dystopian universe, nobody is safe.
Of course, Roth is merely following in the footsteps of giants like J.K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins, both of whom wrapped their own sagas after racking up the body counts. Their influence can be felt throughout Allegiant, as can that of The Truman Show, M. Night Shyamalan's The Village, and every superhero story centered on a Christ figure. (So, every superhero story.) And the plot, which finds Roth's characters venturing beyond their city's walls only to discover a new network of conspiracies, is straight out of the sci-fi handbook, clumsy racism allegory and all.
None of this will matter to Roth's fans, who thrill to the heart-pounding immediacy of her writing and swoon over Tobias, the damaged dreamboat who co-narrates Allegiant with his true love, Tris. If you've already been sucked into Roth's world, you'll appreciate the book's twisty plot — which provides needed context for the series' prefabricated society — and its chastely torrid Tris/Tobias love scenes (''I am like the blade, and he is like the whetstone''). Others may not get what the fuss is about until they reach the novel's shocking ending. Perhaps Roth is more dauntless than her role models after all. B+"

What do you all think of this review? Others have commented, including fans that received a copy due to the Allegiant Leak, saying the ending was terrible. This sort of makes me uneasy for Tuesday. Can't get your hands on a copy right away? Never fear- I will post a short review on Thursday or Wednesday, and an even longer one on Friday.

Also, Rick Riordan fans- I will be posting my review of House of Hades next!

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