Saturday, August 10, 2013


Calling all Authors Out There!!!!

Whether you are a popular author or just starting, this is a promotional author blog tour that will take place as my New Years Event in January of 2014. Our goal is to get 31 authors, one for every day of the month. If you are an author or you know an author, please have them contact me at: by December 25, 2014.
 This is how the tour will happen for each author. On December 29-31, I will be posting a list of the authors (hopefully there will be one for each day) and every day in January I will announce the author of the day for the tour. Here is how the promotional post will look:

  • A written introduction of the author (by me) about them and how they got started, and possibly the books they have written.
  • A review of one of their books from right here at Enchanted by Books. (If I have reviewed it already, a link will be included, but if I have not, I will write one before the promotional post. If the author can include a copy of the book for me to read, that would be easiest.
  • A picture of the book and author
  • A promotional little paragraph
  • And finally, a 3-5 question interview.
Thanks so much for your time and effort, and as I get more authors to sign up, I will be posting them on the NEW Tour 2014 page.


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